Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My Life Lately.

Hello there, 
It's been a while right? 
I have been super busy recently which has resulted me in having zero time to blog. 
Blogging is something I have always had an interest in so I created my little blog so I had a space I could discuss and share the things I love. However, sometimes life gets really busy and the things I like to do in my spare time kinda have to take a back seat until things get back on track. 
But now I am back and I am excited to start blogging again!
So for my first post I thought I would just have a little chit chat on what I have been up to and why it's been a little difficult recently. 
I don't think I have mentioned this before but I am studying at university for a degree in Nursing. Now I know that nursing and make-up are two totally different careers but I have a passion for both so I decided when I finished school to start studying towards becoming a nurse and trained to be a makeup artist in my spare time. 
Studying and working is difficult and finding the balance is key to basically not losing your mind! I remember in my first year of uni thinking I couldn't do it and I was adamant I was going to have to quit! I am so glad I didn't. 
I am coming up to finishing my final year in September and I am so excited to qualify. I have worked really hard in these past three years and although its been stressful and testing this last year, and I may have shed a tear (maybe a few), I am really proud of myself for sticking to it. 
So yeah, basically this last year has been tough, but my qualification is almost in reaching distance, and I can't wait to wear my cap and gown!
 Anyway, enough of me babbling on! I have decided now is the right time to get back to doing what I love doing so here I am :) 
I am eager to start posting more blog posts on makeup looks as I love experimenting with makeup looks. I am also going to start posting more lifestyle posts too to spice things up a bit! 
Speak again soon 
Lizzie x

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